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Offer more of your customers the convenience and predictability of regular payments spread over time

Genesis Financial Solutions provides a second look; another chance for customers with less than perfect credit histories to access financing. Offering more payment options to underserved consumers expands your customers' purchasing power as well as your sales volume.

Offering Genesis Credit is simple; it is easy to integrate into your current payment options, an approval can take just seconds, and the entire application mere minutes. After that, all aspects of the credit process (including billing, servicing, and payment processing) are fully managed by Genesis Financial Solutions.

In addition, we understand that our treatment of your customers can bring long-term value to you. Our high-touch approach to customer care can result in higher satisfaction and repeat purchases.

Long-term solutions and partnerships

At Genesis Financial Solutions, we take pride in how we manage every partnership, from borrowers to providers. Sophisticated analytics, exceptional customer service, strict adherence to regulatory compliance, unmatched expertise in risk management, and quality of execution top our team's list of priorities everyday.

Our partners can expect top-notch execution and service from our team. We believe that when our goals and values line up with yours, we create successful business relationships where all parties can learn, grow, and best serve every customer.

The Genesis customer service approach

Our goal is to help people access the goods and services needed to enjoy life through medical, dental, student and consumer credit.

We aim to support your customers in finding financial success. We take the time to explain credit terms, payment schedules and payment options so your customers can match credit programs to their financial needs. This benefits everyone involved.

The Genesis high-touch approach to care allows for cost savings and brand loyalty.