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  • Genesis provides consumer financing for jewelry stores

    We understand the role consumer credit plays in your success. Grow your business with accessible, affordable credit.

  • Credit for goods, services, education and careproviders

    You provide the goods, services, education or care. We'll provide your consumer financing so you can get out of the credit business.

  • increase sales volume, offer customers access to needed financing.

    Increase your sales volume and services provided. Offer more of your customers access to needed financing.

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Explore the benefits of consumer financing

You'll soon attract more qualified prospects and meet the consumer credit demands of your current customers or patients.

Provide credit to those who may have been turned down by other lenders; prospective buyers with less than perfect credit. Consumers with:

  • Histories that have resulted in a low credit score
  • Limited credit experience (students, young adults, individuals who are new to credit)
  • A preference to use alternative versus more traditional payment methods.

Consumer Financing for merchants and healthcare providers

Expand your customer base, build your business

Offering credit to underserved consumers not only provides them the purchasing power they need, but also builds the foundation for a long-term relationship that keeps them coming back to you instead of going to your competitors.

Through the Genesis Credit program, healthcare practices, merchants and retailers can provide financing solutions, such as installment credit, to customers who are typically turned down by other financing programs. This allows you to reach more prospects and customers with non-prime credit, and increase the volume of goods and services you are able to sell.

We know your industry

Both healthcare providers and merchants look to Genesis Financial Solutions to save time and grow revenue. We realize the role that consumer credit plays in your success, so we offer both installment and revolving programs along with flexible payment plans and attractive promotions.

Your customers will appreciate Genesis Financial Solutions because we aim to be proactive in our approach to customer service. More importantly, by spreading payments out over time in a way that better fits monthly budgets, customers can now smooth out the spending spikes that often accompany life’s significant milestones and unexpected events.

End-to-end financing programs

Genesis Financial Solutions originates and acquires credit card portfolios across the entire consumer credit spectrum, specializing in non-prime credit. Our full-service credit platform allows us to offer financing solutions for many of your customers’ needs. Our capabilities cover the lifespan of account management including:

  • Point-of-sale or web integration

  • Collaboration on best practices in marketing consumer credit

  • Receivables funding

  • High-touch customer onboarding

  • Customer service for partners and customers available 7 days a week

  • Competitive product pricing


Genesis specializes in non-prime credit - originating and acquiring credit portfolios for organizations that want to serve more customers, increase sales volume, and improve liquidity without adding unnecessary back-end operations or risk.