Consumer Credit Alternatives | Genesis Financial Solutions

Consumer Credit

Offer consumer financing to your retail customers or healthcare patients who are typically declined by prime credit providers.

Private-label credit programs, specializing in non-prime credit, help merchants and healthcare providers serve more customers and increase sales without adding overhead or risk. Learn more.


As a merchant, healthcare or dental provider, you can now serve more customers. Offer a second chance at financing and help more of your customers acquire the goods, services or care they deserve.

Private Student Loans

Help your students realize their dreams. Offer tuition loans to students who otherwise might not qualify for traditional loans.

Colleges team with us to offer tuition loans to students with less than perfect credit, filling gaps when other loans and grants fall short. Sell us your portfolio or benefit from full servicing solutions. Learn more.


With Genesis Credit, more of your customers can access needed goods and services. Customers with imperfect credit scores now have a second chance at medical, dental, student and retail credit.

Portfolio Acquisitions

Free up time to focus on core business strengths. Let us purchase or service your existing financing programs.

Genesis buys your existing consumer installment credit, revolving credit, and account receivables. For partners who want to own their portfolios, we handle servicing on a fee-for-service basis. Learn more.


Our unique servicing approach focuses on relationship building to benefit you and your customers. Offer second-look credit that blends high-touch care with automation. Create loyalty and repeat use.